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Tractor Fun

Good Morning, sure is a chilly one here. 6*C right now. Harvest has been at a stand still for a good week due to rain and more rain! But the forecast is looking up for this week and i know all the farmers are getting ancy!! 

We had some family down to help with harvest and all their kids were down as well. Boy, did we have some tractor fun. They're all city kids and er, uh, well they sure enjoyed the farm! lol

We had our John Deere H, A and our Fordson 9n running around! Lots of fun! 

Same ol' same ol'

Hey all!
Wow! So what year is it...When was the last post...
Not to good on here... But were still here though! lol
I put a few different pictures up and will get some more. We have Lots in the yard!! Including 3 John Deere M 's!!!! 

The last two weekends we headed out 3 hours away to a tractor pull. Jeremy was excited till half way we saw storm clouds, including a funnel cloud and tornado warnings on the radio!! Yikes! It passed and obviously the pulls were cancelled. So we left our tractor, by the way we took our Cockshutt 570, left the trailer and headed home in hops of next weekend.

Harvest time!

Well Harvest is in full swing! We not quite halfway done just stopped from some rainy days here. This year has just been unreal between the weather, the equipment and some hard times, we are glad were almost half done. Hows it going in your area? Are you a big farmer, little farmer? Or just proud to be one in the crazy world! i know no matter what i wouldnt change anything! Farm life is where its at!

lately gamblin'

Farming has to be one of the toughest jobs out there! (i know there are others but this is my opinion) Everyday is a mystery, will the sun shine? will the grain prices be sell-able, can we pay the bills this month? will we seed another year? and so on...  

Lots of these questions apply to everyday jobs but we fell like we are gamblin' all the time. 

Our R.M is always under scrutiny due to water issues and with the entire month of June we had rainfall which made for our water tables to be high!

Toy Shows!

Hi yall! 
Wow have we been busy with Toy Shows!! If you know us, you will know that we are toy crazy! Jeremy has a nice collection and we put on the Yorkton Farm Toy Show which was in February. We have been all over to many shows and sales and we are still on the move, one more this weekend! 

Do you have a toy collection to go with your 'big toys'? I have to say, I don't discourage Jeremy from buying any of them because the more shows and toys he buys the more cities and malls I visit!

Harvest Complete!

We are done! Harvest is all wrapped up and now clean up and put down some fertilizer! We started with 3 combines and ended up with 1, we finished before the snowfall luckily.

For those of you who dont know I run one of our TR97s. I enjoy it(for the most part lol) and i feel like thats how i can help out. Ive been running it for quite a few years now and like to say that it is the one machine that stays in the field the longest!! We upgraded one of our machines to the CR9070 and it gave some 'issues' but in the end ran great!


After our busy threshing shows Jeremy has been busy tinkering in the yard. Every night he has been outside getting things running and tuning them up. We've got a British Fordson hand crank running! What a nice sounding tractor! He got a John Deere GW popping away and our son Henry picked out a tractor in the yard that he wants! And I tell you Jeremy has a Challenge! Hes picked out a John Deere A that has one missing tire and a bad rim, its got spark but needs some work. Henry is 3 by the way and he's had this tractor in mind for a lil while.

sore loser...

What a great weekend/week!! There was the Threshermans show & Seniors Festival in Yorkton over the weekend and we had big and small toys there! Landon had set up his farm display and we had a cmall display of Tru-Scale Toys to advertise for the Yorkton Farm Toy Show 2014. Plus we had a restored John Deere H, John Deere 2010I and Massey Pony.
They had a IH Collection on display, tons of old steamies, plowing, stoking and threshing demos but the one we waited for was the turtle race! we got lined up to go and there were several of us.

Yearly raining parade?

Hello out there!
Well another year of Bangor, Sask Heritage Days has come and gone. The morning started out of course with Rain, 2nd year In a row now. Just as we were debating to turn around the rain started to slow down and we continued on.
Unloaded the tractors, John Deere H, John Deere B, John Deere 1010U and a Massey Harris Pony. Lined them up and the rain had stopped just in time for the parade! So away we went with a very little crowd due to the rain we still enjoyed the day!
The threshing demo had a big crowd watching then onto the Slow race with is always a Hit!

Small Town

Hey yall! So Canada Day and Independence Day have just past here and those are always Fantastic days to Celebrate!!
Today we were down the road a ways and celebrated a 100th town birthday! Of course there was a parade and we drove our 1944 John Deere B and a 1940 John Deere H. The boys had a great time driving and it was a great turn out! Happy Birthday Mac Nutt!
As we were loading we met two young fellows who were gung-ho about tractors as much as we are! Very exciting and great to see new generations holding on to the past.
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